Unfollow for more perth hardcore lyric picz. Vultures, the new All Time Low, better than Pierce the Veil. Also known as “Perth’s Memphis May Fire”. Might be featuring in the next Punk goes Pop. 

I have 6,131 posts on my blog
Unfollow me if you want me to get to 10000 tonight

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For every person I’m following I have 4 followers
Unfollow if ur jealous
Reblog if ur not
Like if ur jealous

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next 33 to unfollow me get a promo

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send me a message or I’ll unfollow you

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Just lost another follower ://///// why??

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fuck off why are you guys unfollowing me what the fuck do you want with me :( I post like every 6 months :(((

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When I’m active I lose followers.
When I’m inactive I gain followers.
Merry Christmas. 

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Epic Sky over the Royal Temple, Bangkok (by Romain Matteï Photography)
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